Linking multiple low-level boards to a single high-level board

Hi all!

Hoping to get some insight or recommendations on how to accomplish the topic.

Essentially, I want to use a singular, high-level Project board that can track big ticket items (i.e. e-Book).

Clicking on that pulse would display all tasks associated with it from other boards (i.e. copywriting, infographic creation, ads, etc.)

Is this possible, or is there a work-around for this use case?


Hi @RaymonLacy

Can you be a little more specific what you want to show on the high-level Project Board. Is that all the tasks in all low-level boards or are you looking for aggregation of column data in the low-level boards to shao as a single row in a high-level board?

Hey @RaymonLacy, like @basdebruin mentioned, I would love to learn more about what you are looking to achieve here!

What would you think about making each big ticket item a board, and then putting the URL of those big ticket item boards in the link column in a high level board? That way, if you clicked on the URL, you would be taken to the lower level item board with all the tasks associated with it.

Alternatively, you could make a dashboard for each big ticket item and filter so that you only see the relevant tasks from copywriting, infographic creation, ads, etc. for that item. What do you think?

Hi, I can only second this original request. We need to be able to link to multiple boards and mirror columns.

I have a great example here: A client would like a board for the Boss of his company.
He has a request, creates a pulse here. Then his assistants take this request and create tasks in the respective teams boards(IT, Accounting, HR whatever). They can show their status in a column that is mirrored in that Boss board.
Doing that with multiple linked boards is a horizontal scrolling nightmare right now. (No offense please).
And yes I know it would be possible to invite everyone to that board, limit visibility of pulses. But the Boss Board is not the place to discuss detailed questions about each task.
Its a place to create a monitor tasks that are done elsewhere. Like an executive summary of a long report :wink:

Hope this makes sense and you guys find a way to link to multiple boards and idealy mirror each ones columns.

hi @Antal
When you are saying “They can show their status in a column that is mirrored in that Boss board.” do you want a specific column to report to the “Boss” board or do you want to aggregate existing column. In the case of aggregating the “Boss” board will show something like “85% of task completed”

A specific column would be enough in this case. An aggregated progress or whatever might be helpful for certain usecases, but in this one I would be more than happy with one column.

Understood, but how do you see to represent a column in an item? Or does the “BOSS” board contains all the items from the detailed board(s)

With a mirror Column?

See I’m coming from Jira, here I can link any item with any item. Next to that link I can see it assignee, status and Priority.

All I want here in monday is a column where I can link an item to another item in another board. As in monday the status column for example can be used for everything it would be great if I can choose in each mirror column which column I want to link.

Does this make sense?
I just had a demo call with the client suggesting this ans she was even more frustrated than I am that you can just link to one other board with link column.

I have a similar question. I have one high level board with projects broken out into groups (upcoming, current, complete), where each row is a project that has a status and timeline. I’ve been creating individual project boards for team members to track their work. As the items in those low level project boards are completed, I would like a column in the high level board to show a summary of the task statuses. Is that possible?

hi @mfontaine

Yes and not this is possible :slight_smile:. Yes, you can connect multiple boards with the “connect boards column” and use a mirror column to mirror columns form your project boards. No, at this time aggregation of a time line (aggregate all items in a board to single item in master board) is not possible. There are some early signs that it will be available for status columns though. But even when this becomes available you have to select the mirror items in the master board, no such thing as “mirror all items in board / group”.

I have developed an app Master Detail that will aggregate (status, number, timeline and time tracker) all items from a detailed board to a single item in a master board. Drop me a PM if you want to learn more about this.

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Your app idea sounds awesome! I’m trying to create a master programme plan for senior directors that pulls in the from the individual project plans/boards.

Would love to check it out!


HI Melissa,

Feel free to check it out on Rollup Multiple Boards | Excellent Team
The page contains a detailed document link and a “Try me” link.

Let me know if you need any help

Hi @RaymonLacy

You can look into mirroring here!

Multi-board mirroring is coming soon!

Hi Chelsea,

Regarding Multi-board mirroring coming soon: is there a description somewhere that describes what this functionality will do?


Can you explain to us, what is the progress of Multi-board mirroring launching? Because we’re exhausted waiting for this feature! @Chelsea

Hi @ilhamfajar

It looks like you can ask for early access here:


Ahh, Thanks a lot bro !

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