Linking multiple low-level boards to a single high-level board

Hi all!

Hoping to get some insight or recommendations on how to accomplish the topic.

Essentially, I want to use a singular, high-level Project board that can track big ticket items (i.e. e-Book).

Clicking on that pulse would display all tasks associated with it from other boards (i.e. copywriting, infographic creation, ads, etc.)

Is this possible, or is there a work-around for this use case?

Hi @RaymonLacy

Can you be a little more specific what you want to show on the high-level Project Board. Is that all the tasks in all low-level boards or are you looking for aggregation of column data in the low-level boards to shao as a single row in a high-level board?

Hey @RaymonLacy, like @basdebruin mentioned, I would love to learn more about what you are looking to achieve here!

What would you think about making each big ticket item a board, and then putting the URL of those big ticket item boards in the link column in a high level board? That way, if you clicked on the URL, you would be taken to the lower level item board with all the tasks associated with it.

Alternatively, you could make a dashboard for each big ticket item and filter so that you only see the relevant tasks from copywriting, infographic creation, ads, etc. for that item. What do you think?