Linking all tasks within connect boards column

Hi all

I guess my query is twofold

1 - we have our account set up so we have a high level team board that will have multiple projects attached to it - those projects will have separate campaign boards with all tasks associated. Is there a simple way that the line in the high level board shows the status of the granular projects in the ‘progress bar’ format and the overall status of the tasks as a whole?

  1. I actually figured out we can do it by connecting all project boards to the overview board then mirror the columns - however this is a very manual process as there can be upwards of 50 tasks involved in a project board and they need to be manually ticked one by one - is there a way to bulk select?

Hope this makes sense

Hi @hbars1991 !

In my opinion, you are doing the best you can to get that summary on the high-level without any integrations. That being said, there is a third party integration called RollUp Multiple Boards that would make it less manual.

Hope this helps!

hi @hbars1991

As the developer of the Rollup Multiple Boards app I would love to welcome you to the ever growing list of happy customers :slight_smile: . That said: I think there is another feature you can use here if you want to stick with monday mirror columns.

When setting up the connection (connect_boards column) you can choose a 2-way connection. With the there will be a mirror on the project board too. You can view this as “the other side of the mirror”.

  • high level boards points to items in project board
  • project board points to the item in the high level board

Now, on the project board, you can select the item in the high level board. You can even set that value with “item default values” so each new item in the project board will automatically connect to the high level board.