Can I connect Boards to other Boards item?

Hi guys. Only a few days in to SOOOO much to learn!! I was hoping someone could help me with connecting one of my Project Boards to another Boards Item. Not the whole group, just 1 item in a group.

This my board I’d like linked.

And this is the item I’d like it linked to.
The item is part of a Board that shows project’s statuses at once for the whole company, not department. So it’s not neccessary to view the whole project board. If possible, if I could link the project status from the Board to the item, that would be enough. Thanks in advance team!!!

Hi @PWilliams

There are a few routes that can be taken to achieve this:

  • Out-of-the-box monday connect_boards and mirror columns. Pro: out-of-the-box / Con: mirror columns (that will be used in your overview board can’t be used to trigger automations / make calculations and a number of other “not available to mirror columns”. You can combine it with matching to automatically select all items in your project board(s) and aggregate data into one item.
  • An app called RollUp Multiple Boards (see Apps Marketplace) which allows you to create project boards out of an overview board (based on templates) and where each project board is presented in one item in your overview board.
  • Build something yourself with Make, although not easy to account for all edge cases
  • Do a search on the community for master boards, which will maybe point you to other ideas

Happy to assist with Rollup Multiple Boards setup, I’m just a DM away.

Now I’m even more confused. Here is my scenerio details that I left out (sorry!)

Each 4 of these items in the screenshot need to be connected to different Boards. They each have their own project Board with all info needed. This screenshot is a weekly task summary, so basically no 1 item will be connected to the same Board. Is that possible with your ideas above? It makes no sense right now, but if it’ll work that way I’d like it to, I’m happy to spend days translating your advice haha.


With your current setup, you can use webhook via Zapier/Make.
Add the webhook integration to your individual Monday boards and set it up in Zapier/Make to update the status change to your weekly task summary board.

If you want to do it without using Zapier/Make, then follow these steps:
This requires you to create a board template.

  1. From your project template board, create a connection column and connect it to your Weekly Summary Board (High Level board).
  2. Create a mirror column and link it to the “Status” column of your Weekly Summary Board (High Level board).
  3. Connect the CURRENT STATUS item to the project in your Weekly Summary Board (High Level board).

Pros and Cons of this setup:


  1. No need for Zapier/Make
  2. Easy to setup


  1. You’ll have two Status columns in your project boards. One is for the tasks in your project board and another one for the CURRENT STATUS (mirror column) that is synced to your Weekly Summary Board (High Level board). To avoid confusion, you can create custom views to only show the columns you want your team to see.

Hope it helps!

Yes @paulronolo !! Perfectly!! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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