Linking Items Within The Same Board

I have a board with a huge amount of information on it and need to present the information in a number of ways. To do this, as the information is being categorised it is being moved - by automation - to separate groups on the same board.
It would be really useful if had the functionality to connect these items such that if there was a change to one item, this was reflected in its duplicate.

Hi @Alastair_Foggo !

What I might suggest to get the functionality that you are looking for is splitting your items by board instead of groups. So each group would now be separated by a board instead and then you would use the automation "When Status changes to something create item in board. Then in the connect boards, you can mirror over the information from the original board.

This is to fix your current issue, but it’s not great scalability because there is a limit of 20 connections to 1 board. Just be cautious of that!

Hope this helps!

Thanks for this advice.




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