Linking Items in Same Board

I have read the other responses to this question…I don’t think the responses/answers have really truly addressed the question so will try again.

We frequently have individual helpdesk requests that are added to a board that may be connected in some way. NOT dependent, but connected. I need a way to cleanly link multiple items together within the same board. Each item has to be entered individually as they are directly related to a single helpdesk ticket number so the linkage needs to be reflected in a field on the item(s) within


You can use a connect boards column and have it connected to the same board.

If you need a bidirectional link you can achive this using

Hope this helps

Feel free to DM me for more info on how to implement this

While this does open up the ability to create a “mirror” column, it doesn’t work to make the link between items…

I am still stumped…

Using connect boards you can connect the same board. You would set to create a 2 way connection.
Quick video here: Linking items in the same board in — Tella

There is also a way to automatically link them, for example, "when emails match → link the items. "

Trying to access the Tella video…it will not play past 12 seconds…

I’m not sure why. I will write out the steps.

  1. Click the + button to add a new column/field
  2. Choose the connect board field type
  3. Choose a board to connect and choose the current board you are on.
  4. Click create a two way connection.

That’s it, it you can now link items on that board to each other.