Linked item in same board?

Hi, we have a creative board will all our designers on and they each have their own group on that board. They work on their own jobs but sometimes for bigger jobs, another designer may take part of it (which will be a sub item).
I want to be able to duplicate a sub item when it is a shared job so it stays with the main job under the lead designers group but also appears in the other designers group.
I can set up a ‘shared job’ group on the board and keep the job there instead but they are less likely to keep track of the job if it isn’t under their own group.
Can you link or mirror on the same board? I can only find info on cross board linking.

I’m not sure if it will accomplish what you are looking to do. But, when you create a link column, you can in fact add a link to the same board.

Maybe it’s that I still don’t really understand the link concept - I am a newbie to and have just introduced it to my team…