Mirror/Automate moving a sub item to a new board

Hello! I am new to monday.com so please forgive any questions with obvious answers :slight_smile:

I need 2 separate boards that carry the same information. However, I don’t need all the information that one board needs, so I am looking to use sub items. Essentially, I have one team that needs columns a, b, c, d, e and another team that needs columns a, b, c, f, g, h and so on. Team A wants to be able to create an item and mark down the data they need for their columns, and pass over the similar information to Team B. It would be too confusing for each team to have access to the same board with the a-h columns because each Team has different needs with the same data.

My first thought was to have Team A’s board with their columns, and then sub items with the columns needed for Team B. Team A would input their data, a sub item would be created that includes the columns Team B needs. That sub item could then be mirrored/linked to Team B’s board and they could do what they need with that data and Team A would only see it as a sub item.

As you can see the item has different columns than the sub item. Team B’s board’s columns match the sub item columns. I have automated so that after the sub item is created it gets duplicated and moved to Team B’s board, however that doesn’t allow Team A to open the sub item to see any changes. I’ve attempted mirroring and board linking as well with no luck.

Is there a way to mirror, link, connect, automate, a sub item to an item between two different boards?


What you are asking for is possible. However, you might consider using a single board then using views with hidden columns and/or restricted column views (found under column permissions) to give your users the columns that they want to see. If this would work for your use case, it would be way, WAY simpler than using two boards with subitems, connect boards columns, mirror columns and automations (and probably additional integrations with Integromat or custom apps) to keep things in sync.

The power of those monday features (subitems, connect boards columns, mirror columns, automations and integrations) are awesome. I’m also a big proponent of using Integromat and apps to take things to the next level. My approach, when it comes to data and systems, is always to make things as complete as possible AND as simple a possible. My two cents.

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I would echo @JCorrell’s suggestion here of using Column Permissions to restrict who can see and edit various columns on the board.
You can read more on this here: How to Create Column Permissions

As this feature is available at the Pro and Enterprise levels, I would also add that you might like to consider creating board views for each of your teams.
This would allow you to have one main view with all of the columns included, and then two other views each customised to the relevant team.

You can hide columns via the menu in the board header and then save them as a new view :slight_smile:

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