Automation: Duplicate Item and Sub-Items to another board


Is it possible to create an automation that duplicates an Item and all of its associated sub-items in one board and then creates that Item and associated sub-items in another board when a status changes? It appears the sub-items aren’t included w/the parent item when an item is duplicated and created in another board.

Thank you.

Thank you.


So it’s not perfect if you’re using updates but I managed to create a custom automation that does this task. The way your issue is written implies the end result is 3 versions of an item, an original & a duplicate on the same board (1), and a duplicate on a different board (2).

So the issue with updates in this automation I’ve made is that they end up on board 2. Anyway, here is the automation:

  1. When status changes, duplicate item.
  2. Then duplicate again.
  3. Then move item to board.

The move item automation will take subitems & all updates, including those on subitems, with it. The duplicate items within the same board will duplicate subitems but not updates (annoying). So you end up with the item & subitem (minus updates) duplicated twice.

Hope this helps in some way.

Thank your for responding. Maybe it would help if I provided an actual scenario how my company uses Monday and what I would like to accomplish. We use the Item Board Template for tracking various projects (items) with sub-items (tasks) assigned to team members. Every employee and every team uses the same Main Board. Using a single board for everyone limits our ability to customize an experience that fits everyone’s needs. Ideally, I’d like to create a Board that mirrors the Main Board and customize this board for our team. My hope is to duplicate items and associated sub-items that live on this Main Board and move them to a new board for my team. And then this new board would be a mirror of the main board.