Automation to duplicate subitem to another board but keep in original board

Hi - I have a board I use to track a payment schedule for certain items (the payment schedule is contained in the subitems).

I have a separate board that is used for any and all requests that come through to me from people in my organisation.

I am hoping to find a way to send a sub-item to the Request board when a due date is approaching without completely removing it from the original board.

I have been able to send the item to the request board but it removes the item completely from the original board. I still need the items there and I just cannot figure out if it can be done or not.

Any assistance is appreciated - I am hoping it is an automation I can create rather than using a 3rd party or paid app.

I am wondering why we have the beautiful option to duplicate a subitem manually but it is not possible through automations. I am missing the functionality to:

  • Duplicate subitems
  • Create subitems programmatically
  • Move subitems to another item, to another board

Currently, it is possible to automate the duplication of items and boards, but not subitems. ¿Any news on when it will be doable?

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