Copying subitem from a board as an item to another board


I was searching and it seems impossible to copy/duplicate a subitem from a board as an item to another board.

In my case, I have a board for Finance and a board for Execution.
In an Execution item’s there is a subitem for each subcontractor and I would need to create an item on the Finance board for each subcontractor. to generate Invoice Nr and for the invoice itself.

With automation, I can only duplicate/move the main item as well from the Execution board.

Anyone has any suggestions maybe?


Have you tried “creating” a new item, and mapping out the same values?

I can mapp only the main item’s value, but nothing from the subitem as far as I know

I have 2 boards that I do this with. A main board with subitems and a secondary board (with no subitems)

At a certain point in every project we click a status in the subitem on the main board, which creates an item (not subitem) in the secondary board.

I’d be happy to show you how I’ve done that if you like.

Hey @tibor93,

You’re correct that there is no direct way to achieve this, and this is certainly feedback that we will share with our product team!

As a workaround, I’d be interested if an automation recipe like the following could work for you? It would require you to set up a specific trigger - in this case a subitem status change - in order for the recipe to work:

When subitem status changes to X, create an item in BOARD.

You would need to ensure that when mapping the item in the automation recipe, you have mapped it with the subitem name + column values.

I understand that this is not the most ideal set up, however I’d love to hear if it can work!


Hey @BiancaT
Sounds good!

Thank you!

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