Creating Items and associated Sub Items in a new board

Hi all,

I have what I think is a simple automation which is stumping me.

I have 4 boards feeding Items depending on a status, into into a master board (e.g replicates the item)

The automation I am using is : When ‘Status’ changes to ‘xxxxxx’ create an item in ‘board’

This works great but only for the main item, the sub items associated with the main item are not replicated, which I need in the ‘master board’

Any help / guidance would be appreciated

Hey Matt!

It sounds like the issue here is that you are not moving the item, but rather only creating a completely new item in a different board. This won’t be read as having subitems underneath it since it is not being considered a duplicate of the original item but an entirely new item that stands on its own.

Does this help clarify? Try doing a two-part automation where you create a duplicate of the item when the status changes in the first recipe, and then a second recipe where you move the duplicate to the master board. This should allow you to move the subitems with it.

I hope this is helpful! Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there!

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Hey Charlotte,

Thanks for the reply, greatly appreciated. I have manged to get the updates to flow between from the lower level board to the main board. However on items which are being updated and then duplicated to the main board multiple times I get (copy) added to the item description, is there any way to stop the copy text being added?

Thanks again