How can i retrevie subitems from a board A to board B?

When status changes in board A, I need to create an element in a new board B and connect both boards. I use an automation and setup the item’s creation but I can’t retrieve subitems.

Have you any methode to retrieve subitems from the element of board A to the new element in board B ?

Hey there! So sorry for the late response! If you need help with this still, shoot us an email at and we’d be happy to figure out an automation workaround for you!

Hello I have the same Issue.
I’m trying to use the automatization:

When an item is created in a group, create a new item in another board an connect both boards…
But the item created in the new board doesn’t bring the subitems…
Is there any way to do this?

Hey @DeniseCookUnity,

I am afraid this is expected behaviour at this time. Currently subitems will follow the item only when items are moved across boards, not created. I do apolgoize for the inconvenience here. To get this to work, I’d advise setting up an automation that duplicates the item, and moves the (duplicated) item to the new board - the subitem will move across with the item. You could set up a status column, or even a button column to trigger the automation. I understand this is not the most ideal process, and will ensure this feedback is shared with our product team.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!


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