Add Sub-Items to another board

Hi everyone.
I want to ask the Monday Specialists if there’s a way to send sub-items from one board to another as I can’t find this option.

My use case is simple, I have a Team Task List board and then several different boards with different clients. Lets say that I have this specific action with this specific client, I add a sub-item under that client, and I what I want is when I add this sub-item, the same sub-item is created as a new item on the Team Task List.
So instead of going through every item sub-items, we could check every sub-item on the Task List.

Anyway to possibly do this ?

Hey there!

At the moment, the only way to move subitems to another board is to convert the subitem to an item and then move the item, or move the item with the subitem to the other board. Alternatively, you could move the group to another board as long as the other board has subitems as well so they can map properly.

You can learn more about doing this here.

Does this sound like it could meet your need for this workflow? Let me know if I am misunderstanding - I want to be sure to offer you the best possible solution here! :blush:

Hello! Converting the Sub-Item to Item and sending to another board would work, but I would need an automation on this but seems like there’s no automation to convert the sub-item, right?


Hello Charlotte, I would like to be able to move a subitems from One Group to another group New Group, without the Item. Would that be possible? Thank you.

Hello @niddLer

There is a way to automate that however it would be a template so not much can be altered. This would look something like this and after you fill out the information you would need to change the status to Copy or something like that to trigger this automation:

You can also custom build and would still need a status trigger for this to work but this time you can automate it so when the item is created, it will be connected for reference purposes and then once complete, change the subitem status back to Working On It.

Just make sure to map the subitem fields to the item creation so the right information flows through!

If you want help with this just contact us and happy to do a review and help coach you on this build.

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hello @maalfunction !

There is a workaround solution for your use case.

When trigger happens, create an item in board.

The newly created item would essentially have the same values as the subitem ( you can map the values and the group it will be created in, even in the same board).

The only problem is that the original subitems would not be deleted, which I believe is not possible to natively do in monday ( you can only delete main items via automation).

Hope this helps!
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

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Hey @niddLer, @maalfunction

We developed an app called subitem automations that provides robust automation capabilities to subitems. It also includes the ability to move subitems between boards, here’s an example →

You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!