Moving Item with Subitems to other board removing all Subitems


when by automation you moving item that contain Subitems, it delete the Subitems.


Happens when you move it manually as well- for groups and items. Would be nice to have them saved even when you move item or group.

Hi & @uhaj! At this time, subitems are still in beta, so there are a few limitations that our team is working on.

You can find the full subitem roadmap here: Subitem Product Plan


This feature is very important and needed for my works now. Please work on it asap :rofl:

Agree this would be great to fix. Overall, the select / duplicate / move / delete / unselect user experience is pretty amazing in the monday app. makes it very easy to copy items to other boards other groups, etc. also the bulk update of a column value (updating across all selected items) is fantastic too. I would say probably the only deficiency is the handling of subitems when moving to other boards.

I do have another question related to this: if i wanted to achieve copying of subitems to another board, would it work if I did it as follows using only API mutations:

  1. create the other board with the same column types and titles
  2. create a board called “Subitems of [New Board Name]”
    3.copy the items from the original board to the new board
  3. copy the items in “Subitems of [Original Board]” into “Subitems of [New Board]”
    update the subitems column in the new board, so they contain the pulseIds of the corresponding items in the new “Subitems…” board

would this work?