Move sub items from an item to another

Impossible to duplicate items with sub-items and checklists in the subitems. One way would be to duplicate the subitems (with checklists) and move them to another element.

I need to be able to move sub-items from one parent to another, across groups.
We do a lot of pre-planning across 20-30 programs, and it’s really cumbersome to have to re-create sub-items when they need to be moved from our forecast to our queue, and then into our active work.
Please add in the ability to move sub-items! Thank you!


We have a Main Project board with each pulse having about 30 subitems. Those are then assigned to 10 different people. I need to be able to duplicate subitems and move them to another board where each Employee has their own Group. I do not currently see a way to do that.

This is a significantly desired feature for managing projects through monday.

Definitely need this, this is major.

If you can’t move sub items, it would at least be good to “make a copy for _____” and you can choose the parent task from others on the board.

This is absolutely needed please