Move sub items from an item to another

Impossible to duplicate items with sub-items and checklists in the subitems. One way would be to duplicate the subitems (with checklists) and move them to another element.

I need to be able to move sub-items from one parent to another, across groups.
We do a lot of pre-planning across 20-30 programs, and it’s really cumbersome to have to re-create sub-items when they need to be moved from our forecast to our queue, and then into our active work.
Please add in the ability to move sub-items! Thank you!


We have a Main Project board with each pulse having about 30 subitems. Those are then assigned to 10 different people. I need to be able to duplicate subitems and move them to another board where each Employee has their own Group. I do not currently see a way to do that.


This is a significantly desired feature for managing projects through monday.


Definitely need this, this is major.


If you can’t move sub items, it would at least be good to “make a copy for _____” and you can choose the parent task from others on the board.


This is absolutely needed please


Absolutely critical for workflow. Even linking or copying won’t work because we may have conversation history tied to the subitem

Absolutely agree - this is a critical need.

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We also need this…! Urgently…!


This is substantial for my project as well

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Has anyone figured out a way around copying/duplicating subitems to existing boards?

I need to add a new Subitem on each staff memeber’s board for them to advise availability (see pic) and cannot figure out how to do it without recreating on each board. Don’t really feel like recreating over 150 times!

Thanks team!

I asked for that feature months ago. I have a group of model elements with different subitems, and I can’t duplicate them !

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Any update on this? Can we at least get an ETA, or if it’s planned at all??!

Envisioned as such a cool feature, but it’s lacking basic functionality, please work on this!

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Major need for this! I am a new user and i have things set up where this feature would be very important. I am cool leaving things as they are for now, as long as i know this feature is in the works. Any update on the status of this feature would be much appreciated. Thanks so much, i am really enjoying Monday so far, this would be an amazing feature addition.

I want to drag my sub item from the initial task I put it under to a different one because I accidentally put it in the wrong one. How do I just drag it to the correct parent?

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This is a must have, and seems like a major oversight. How are we supposed to use subitems when they are locked into the item?

Usecase: Task has 10 subitems. 9 subitems are completed, but 10th needs to be backlogged. As a user I want to move this subitem to a new group, to be completed at a later date.

Usecase: As a user I want to move a subitem from one task to another, so I can assign it to a different team.

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Very interested in an update on this, would be a massive help in setting up and managing projects

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this is exactly what I am looking for… sub-item seems pointless unless this is an option.

Ditto to everything mentioned above! Moving around subitems gives users the flexibility to customize their workflow and make adjustments to timelines - something that monday claims is easy to do…

Another odd thing about subitem functionality is that when I select it, it gives me the option to copy/paste, but that just doesn’t work at all. Why is that option there if it doesn’t work?