Move sub items from an item to another

Has anyone seen an update or reply to moving subitems to another item? Just hit this roadblock today.

This would be very useful for us as well. Thank you

That would be super useful and very easy to implement, just look at Mac and Windows folders, its just like draging and droping a file from a folder to another one…

This is noted as released in the Subitems roadmap. Does anyone know if it actually was or if there is something which needs to be addressed in order to allow it?

I just tested it out and it works on my account Jackie. I just selected the sub item like I would any pulse and the move option was available, you then choose the pulse where you would prefer it to be.

I can also see it is possible now to move sub item from one item to another in the same board
I think it is also crucial to be able to:

  • move sub item also between boards
  • be able to convert item to a sub item and the opposite

Hello! I can move subitems now but only by right clicking and choosing the “Move” option. Is it possible to have this feature work via drag and drop?
It’s a step in the right direction though - thanks for finally getting on this!

1 Like I need this feature right now. Or a work around. It makes me look inefficient as a PM when I have to wait for a feature to be built. What is the ETA for this feature?

Completely agree. Please, team move quickly on this. Other pm software programs have this feature as a basic feature. Even OmniFocus, which is for personal management has this feature. Please get this done ASAP! this feature request seems pretty reasonable, I was pretty disappointed and puzzled to find this is not possible.

It’s one of many obvious things that MDC lacks. We are finding this software to be nearly unusable.