Automations - Duplicate item with updates

I need to be able to duplicate an item with updates.
What I really want to do is copy/duplicate items from one board to another when moved to the board. The only way I have been able to do this is to Duplicate the item, then move the item to another board. This will leave the duplicate in the board while sending the original to the final destination board. However, the duplicate doesn’t have the updates, so it’s kind of useless. I don’t understand how you have the option when you manually duplicate an item, it gives you the choice of the item with updates and without, but when you use automation to duplicate the item it doesn’t give you that option.

Workflow scenario:
Board A has an item/pulse moved to it
I want to have that item/pulse duplicated in all it’s splendor and glory to Board B.

Board A is used for invoicing, and Board B is used for someone to follow up with the customer. I want to be able to add updates to Board B, and I don’t care if the updates get copied back to Board A. The item is taking on a different life and function in Board B, so the info doesn’t have to be the same after the duplication.