Automations - Duplicate item with updates

I need to be able to duplicate an item with updates.
What I really want to do is copy/duplicate items from one board to another when moved to the board. The only way I have been able to do this is to Duplicate the item, then move the item to another board. This will leave the duplicate in the board while sending the original to the final destination board. However, the duplicate doesn’t have the updates, so it’s kind of useless. I don’t understand how you have the option when you manually duplicate an item, it gives you the choice of the item with updates and without, but when you use automation to duplicate the item it doesn’t give you that option.

Workflow scenario:
Board A has an item/pulse moved to it
I want to have that item/pulse duplicated in all it’s splendor and glory to Board B.

Board A is used for invoicing, and Board B is used for someone to follow up with the customer. I want to be able to add updates to Board B, and I don’t care if the updates get copied back to Board A. The item is taking on a different life and function in Board B, so the info doesn’t have to be the same after the duplication.


Was this question ever answered? I seem to be encountering the same silly problem, you can manually duplicate with updates but can’t do this via an Automation. This seems like a flaw of the system.


+1 for this feature, duplicating items but not includign updates isn’t that useful.

Definitely need this to be implemented. I’m trying to use for an important system, but we’re going to accept pulses via email, and the way email to board works the email goes into an update, so if I copy the item to another board I lose basically all of the information. :frowning:

This is a greatly needed feature for my team. Please add. The feature already exists when manually duplicating an item, so would seem to be low hanging fruit for your dev team.

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Moving items in an automated way from one board to the next is a vital part of’s primary function. How is it that the actual information on a pulse, “the updates” can’t be moved/copied when creating an item in a new board? shocking. Please include ASAP

My team has had to manually duplicate items from one board to another in order to accomplish something that I had hoped an automation could do.

I know several other features have been more upvoted/requested, but like others here this feature is at the core of and should be prioritized as such.

The alternative I also had hoped for was the mirror feature, it would be amazing to be able to mirror whole tasks from one board to the next.

Oddly enough… My system is working now. I did the duplicate-then-move trick at first, but now I don’t seem to need the duplicate any more. Weird.

I had the same problem, any way to work this around?

I’ve built templates for my common tasks and then manually duplicate them into a different workspace. It’s not ideal but it works for what I need.

I’m still hoping something will get done about this…