Create an Item Automation - Moving updates


I have an automation set up where when a status changes it creates the same item on another board. My problem is anything we write in the updates (The little voice bubble) doesn’t transfer over.

Is there a way to fix this?

Hey @danielle0127 :wave:

It’s great to hear that you want to use the automations to duplicate an item across the board and have their own workflow.

I’m afraid we don’t have a native way for you to copy the update/comments from one item into another. The logic is similar to Facebook posts, when you create a post, in order to maintain a streamlined communication, we want to maintain the comments structure on the original update.

If you are already using automations, this would be a great use of this automation recipe:

This would automatically create a Connect boards connection

From there, whenever you click onto the name, you will be able to see an item card and view the updates and comments from there.

If you don’t need to streamline the communications and you just want to duplicate the information across, you will be able to duplicate the item and move it into another board!

Then you can move it:​

I hope this helps!


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