Moving/duplicating/creating with updates

Board A
item 1 creates
Trying to set an automation that will duplicate the item in board B and connects them together. Which I have done BUT
(updates) the circle with the +sign next to the “item” in Board A-item 1 do not transfer over. What is the solution for that.
Thank you

Hey @SpinningMyHead,

Just to clarify, are you wanting the updates from Item 1 in Board A to be created in the same item in Board B?

Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 1.09.17 pm

If this is the case, I am afraid at this time, when items are creating across boards the updates section doesn’t carry across. In order to combat this, you can instead try duplicating the item and moving the duplicated item across boards (via automation), this way the updates will carry over with the item.

Does this make sense?

It makes perfect sense and also creates a followup question. Will duplication allows for a connection.
Task 1 - Set up meeting with Heather
Once duplicated and moved

It will be called - Set up meeting with Heather (copy) rendering a connection impossible because board A doesn’t have a task called
Setup a meeting with Heather (copy) anymore since it has been moved.

Am I right? Or am I thinking about this wrong?