Automation - Create new item in another board copy updates

I’m using automations to create a linked item in Docs, when an item in Testing status changes.

In my first live example, I added some notes (as an update) to the original item in re what we wanted to say about the new features in the docs, but updates don’t get copied. It’d be handy to be able to automate the transfer of updates (or just certain updates).

Hey @vIQleS! At this time, updates (and particular columns) are not supported in item mapping when creating a new item in another board. Would you be able to add notes to a Text or Long Text column that could be used in mapping?

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This enhancement would be great if Monday can make it happen. We are wanting to copy updates from one item to another as well.

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A workaround is to create an automation on a type of status (or column) change, to duplicate the item and send the original to a new board. This brings over everything, updates connected boards etc. It’s a bit messy, depending on how your board is configured, but it works!

1 Like No - Because most of the items in the board I need this for are created via email, and currrently there’s no way to put the body of the email anywhere besides in an Update.

THIS!!! Not ideal, but in a system of workarounds I’ve been searching 2 days for this answer.

Thank you!

Did you get this to work? When I tried the move item to board automation, the updates did not transfer - appears the automation is more like duplicating the item in another board requiring mapping with no ability to map updates. Is there a piece I’m missing to this?

Would you mind sharing the exact automation you used to keep connected boards in place with the duplication of the record?

@weareborg @jaimes @chrisclick @KShook @marc
A workaround that I think of is using the extract app that extract monday board updates into board column and then using connect board to link this column to the new item. Or VLOOKUP app. Here is a solution created with both.

This looks very unclear. This solution will not work for me as it doesn’t give you spaces between the updates not tells you when the updates have been made.
I hope Monday Team will implement the idea from this thread into their road map soon.

Thanks for the idea but this workaround will not work when you use the ID’s on items. When the item is duplicated it gives the new ID number, and I need the items to be connected between the boards. Easier to search when you have one unique ID number for the same enquiry across all of the boards.

Hey there!

Is there a reason why you wouldn’t just move the item from one board to another? This would track the ids as well as the updates. Plus you can see the history of it.

If you need more exploration please reach out.

Mike B
Automation Architect

The issue I have is that on different boards I have slightly different columns with different information. Therefore, I am wondering what will happened with information from the columns, that are not present in another board?
Is there a possibility that you could have some columns hidden in one board, but then visible in another and vice versa? Wouldn’t this make the boards too big and slow them down?

hey there @g.holness good question!

What I would recommend then is:

  • Both boards have the same columns for ease of transfer.
  • On each of the boards, hide the columns in a saved view that are not needed for that board.
  • Once the boards are set, you can then map the fields to the other board fields through the move automation easily.

Hope this helps and dont be afraid to reach out for 1v1 support!

Mike B
Automation Architect

We solved record duplications with a very lightweight python script hosted on AWS Labda (basically on 0 cost).

Very similar to this one: GitHub - rolloutit/monday-update-multiplier

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