"Create item + link to baord automation" for Status Updates

Greetings! Fellow monday.com citizens,

I´m currently using the “create an item and link to board” automation, where I create a “Task” in Board 1 with a series of specifications (dates, prices, comments, etc. shown in their corresponding columns), and then the same task + original details (columns) will be created in Board 2; the linking between items allows for overall progress checking in Board 1 (Board 1: supervisor, Board 2: team member).

Is there a way to also include the original status updates (Board 1) while creating the new item (Board 2)?

I hope to hear from you soon friends! All the best and remember to practice social distancing,

Luis C.


Welcome to the Monday community.

Thanks for the detailed information regarding your use case. To answer your question; you can automatically create updates, but the difficulty is transferring the information from one update to another item.

There are a few Automations that when triggered will create updates and they can pull information from your line items. But currently I don’t see a way to natively take information from an update and create a new update or copy to a column. I say natively because this is probably something that low code 3rd party apps like Integromat & Zapier can accomplish.

A possible workaround would be using Subitems instead of Updates. If you aren’t currently using Subitems in board 1, they could replace updates and then the information would be much easier to transfer to Board 2 when those items are created. If this option is something you want to pursue and you need help setting it up let me know.

Hope this helps!