Link a Status in Board to a Status in another Board (for an existing item)

I’m struggling to find a way to effectively link a status in one board to a status in another board. I know there is an automation to add an item to a new board when a certain status is selected on an original board. However, I am looking for a way for a status of an existing item on “Board 2” to update automatically when a certain status on “Board 1” is updated. Is that something that can be done?

HI @nasmith, Nicole

Have you had a look at the link to item column, combined with a mirror column? Based on your question I think this could solve it.

I’ve looked at this and haven’t go it to work correctly.

I’d like to create an item in a high-level board when a new item is created in a low-level board - currently the automation ‘create item…’ on the low-level only creates an item on the hl board and adds it’s Name it doesnt return any other col data even though it’s mapped when setting up the above automation.

any ideas why?

Hi! Thanks for your input. That’s actually what I tried first. I got the status from board 1 to mirror onto board 2, but board 2 doesn’t see the column as a status column…so it doesn’t come up as a choice when setting up the automations.

Hi @nasmith

That is correct. The mirror column is a column type on itself. Although is looks and behave like the original column, you can’t use automations on it. I would not be suprised to find out that monday is working on this.

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That sure would be a nice upgrade!

Hey @nasmith, while we don’t have an automation with the mirror column, we do have automations with the link-to-item column, which will automatically populate the mirror column! Have you tried out one of the automations like this?:
This way, every time you add a new item to your board, if the mirror column is connected to the link-to-item column in the second board, then any status changes will show up.

@Miguel would this be helpful to you too?