Status Column not as a choice in creating Automation

I have 2 boards called A and B.
I have an Automation in A that when a status changes, it creates a new item in a new item in Board B and copies that status file to the board and group.

When I try to create new automation in Group using the Status Column in the new board, i am not able to see or select that Status column . Ideas? does make that make since?


Might your status comme from a sub-item or a mirror by any chance? If yes, they would have less functionnalities at the moment in automations. That could be an explanation.

If not, could you provide a little more contextor share a screen capture?

Marc, I deleted it and recreated it and it worked.

Thank you for you help in this matter


I’m struggling with this as well. Mirror columns can’t be altered with Automations in the Board that has the mirror columns. Any idea in how to do this?


Status in Board A
Board A Status is mirrored in Board B
Button in Board B
When Button in Board B is clicked change mirror Status A

Thank you

Mirror functionnalities are still under development and only partially work right now with automations.

Like the example you’ve given, the usefull and meaningfull automations that would be handy for workflow don’t really support mirrors yet, we must wait. Same goes for mirror columns that point to multiple boards: it’s mostly non functionnal.

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Thanks for the reply, I will find a workaround in the meantime.