Selecting a mirrored status column for an automation

Is it possible to select a mirrored status column that’s pointing to a different board as an automation “status” option. In the picture I have attached you can see when I select the “status” automation option I can only add status columns that are not mirrored columns. in other words there should be another option however does not show up because its a mirrored column.


I use this and it works…

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For now it’s only possible with some pre-made status change automations - not with all of them and not with custom automations.

It would be nice if someone in the monday team had a pipeline for this feature.


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If you’re interested in exploring some options, there are plenty of partners out there who can help. Check out the Hire An Expert section for a look around.

I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about your use of the platform and your use case, any issues you’re facing in addition to this etc. Sometimes it can help just to talk it all out in one go and see what you’re looking at overall. Please check out our website and let me know if you want to set up a meeting - no obligations at any point :+1:

Alternatively, feel free to book straight into my calendar here.

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I can’t find this mirror column anywhere. Is it a features developped by you or someone else? I might be interested.

Hello. So I have two boards set up with a mirror column. I use this recipe from the “Status Change” section of automations. Once the mirror has been set up, I can select the mirror status as one of my options under “when status changes…” This says it also supports subitems.
mirror status supports subitems

That’s where I am stuck, mine must be set up wrong somehow because it still does not show up. I will try and make sure my mirror column is correct.

Thanks for replying so quick :slight_smile:
The same as @ETPTyler , I’ve tried several times but it doesn’t appear. @Jake_Gro what license do you have: pro or entreprise? Does someone from monday staff implemented an integration for your company?

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We have a Pro license.