Duplicate Pulses WITH updates?

Maybe I am missing something, as it seems quite obvious… but here is the problem:

I have a pulse, with lots of info in the columns, and in the pulse comments.
I have an automation, so that when the status hits X; the pulse is duplicated into a new board.

(The use here is pre-qualification in sales. We have one board for pre-qual, and then once qualified, the lead/pulse passes into a new board, which the sales team use).

HOWEVER; as far as I can tell, there is no way of duplicating the updates of the pulse via automation, only the column values.

Am I missing something here?

At the moment, the only way I can see to do it, is to manually duplicate the pulse, and move the duplicate into the new board. Is there not an automation I can use here?

I have the same issue. Will be great! My scenario doing API request to duplicate item, but sometimes it doesn’t works for some reason. Tech support can’t help me :frowning:

I have the same issue! I thought maybe I’d try using the “Info boxes”, but those have sometimes eaten my data (i.e. the boxes will disappear). The updates are more stable and more visible, so I’d prefer using the updates for now. Any progress on this?

Same issue here :frowning: We have an Unexecuted Property board for real estate and once a property executes I want it to move to Executed. But we need the updates to move over as there is vital conversations that happened regarding numbers, etc.

This seems like a pretty obvious use that a lot of people would need?