Duplicating Item to Different Board Automation

Hi there,

I’ve created an automation that when I create an item in one board, it duplicates into another board; however, it doesn’t include the info from the columns. I can’t enter in the info before I officially create the item, so it’s not picking up the due date, status column info, or the assigned people to duplicate into the second board. Any way to fix this?

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Hi @sballi,

I had a similar issue. The item is duplicating before the columns are populating.

My solution was to create a status column (e.g., send to other boards: yes / no) and set an automation so when that status changes to yes, you create an item on a connected board (duplicating adds the word copy). Then make sure the item is defined to match all the columns.

Let me know if you need more info!

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That was going to be my next step! Glad I was thinking of the same fix. I was hoping there would be an easier way than having to redo all of the automations. They should really let you fill in the columns before an item is fully entered so that it takes all of the column info with it.

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Could you maybe add an ‘after some time’ to the automation?

So it wouldn’t duplicate until some time has passed? I am not near a pc right now so i cant test this myself yet.

Ah! Possibly! I’ll test that out!

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