Duplicate entire item onto different board

Hi all,

I’m trying to duplicate an item onto a different board when the status of that item changes to ‘X’. So far I’ve managed to do it so that the column in question is copied over, but none of the other detail in the item. The boards are created using the same template, so the columns will be the same.

Any advice welcome! Thanks

Hello @Jack.lme,

The Duplicates and Uniques app might be useful here. Here is an example of how. If you have any questions, you can always reach out at support@kolaai.com

Hi @Jack.lme !

The automation that I might suggest is "When a status changes to something, create an item in a board. This allows you to create an item in another board, and to duplicate the information, you will click on item and then map all the information that you would want to copy to that new item (basically making it a duplicate).

See the recipe here:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much - have just added that and it works great! What would be the best way to link these status columns, so that if the status changes in the original board, it updates the status in the duplicate item in the other board?

Hi @Jack.lme !

So for that I would change the second half of that automation to “create item in board and connect boards with column”. When choosing the column field do a sync both ways and then us a mirror column to pull over the Status column in one of the boards (maybe in the board you are duplicating to?)

Mirror columns allow you to update items from both places.

See the updated formula here:

Hope this helps!


You may also need to use “mirror” columns to copy specific column information. Problem with this is if you are trying to connect many boards to copy on to say a “main” board. If all the connected boards have a “date” column, they all need to be mirrored into their own separate date mirror column. It’s not smart enough to realize that, and your main board may be filled with a bunch of mirrored columns.

Weirdly there doesn’t seem to be any way to copy the notes/updates from the original item into the new board, which means manually copying and pasting.