Find and update duplicate value for Status from one board to another


I would like to ask if someone has a solution of updating the status of a duplicate item from another board.

The situation:

I currently have 2 boards:

  • Board 1
  • Board 2

Board 1 and Board 2 have different data set. I want the Status column from Board 1 to update when the status column in Board 2 is changed.

I hope someone would be able to provide guidance on this, thank you dear community.

hi @bryan-spin

Welcome to the community!

This sounds like the normal behavior of a Mirror column in standard You can connect both boards with the Connect Boards column where you also select the mirrored item in the other board. The Mirror column will show the same status as the status in the source board. See

Alternatively you can use the app “Match Index Column” that takes a little different approach and uses a key column to match the two items in the different boards. The integrations shows like: