Automating Duplicate Item with Updates

This should be a simple addition to the create automation process, where instead of just the singular “duplicate item” option there would be a second option as “Duplicate item with Updates.”
Currently we are stuck in a loop that requires a task to be manually duplicated with updates, instead of simply having the automation do it for us.

Unfortunately the next issue, which i can confirm. It is possible to duplicate items with updates manually. Despite it isn’t possible to create a automation which duplicates the item with all the updates and checkboxes in the subpulse.

We create checklists for recurring tasks. These checklists should be copied, when a task with an existing checklist is created. It is really annoying that this doesn’t work.

Will this be possible in the near future?

We could also use this feature, something that is holding us back. Vote!


Hi there @Tanner.S @Stefano and @CamEFS !

Something that might work for you is having a Status column that can indicate if you would like the item to be duplicated. With this column in place (or any other trigger that would fit your workflow) you can create this custom automation below:

This allows you to create an item with a specific update (it does not support checklists right now) but it might help you getting the information on that list!

Hope this helps!

Is there any way to make that update copy across other updates? Thats the main focus we’re aiming at here

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@CamEFS I would suggest creating a Template board that houses that automation, then duplicating that board to reduce the amount of times that you have to create the automation. There is also a cool function with Custom Automations that allows you to duplicate the structure of your automation, but you also would be able to remap the options. See image below:
Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 7.47.21 AM

I was able to find a very easy and simple way to duplicate to another board with an automation without having to duplicate and move. I added a button column and automated that when the button is clicked and only if a (dropdown, status, ect) contains all these labels create an item in (choose board). Not sure if this helps but I just tested it and it works perfect!! I also restricted the button column so only I can press the button to prevent duplication multiple times.