Duplicate item with checklist update for monthly tasks

Our team has several tasks that need to be done each month for each of our clients. I want to create a template item that contains a checklist of these tasks in an update and then use an automation to create a new instance of that item at the beginning of each month with the checklist update attached. Ideally this would be a one-to-many type situation where I could create a single template item that gets duplicated and moved to each client board, but I would happily settle for one-to-one if that’s doable.

I’m trying to avoid spamming our client boards with individual items for each of these sub-tasks, or I would just do simple item creation tasks for each.

Hey Josh! For this, I would put the template item in its own group (you can name this group “Template Item(s)” or something else helpful) and then try setting up a recurring automation recipe like the following:

Then, you can set up the following automation recipe to trigger when an item is created in this template group to move to another board:

Have you tried doing this? Let me know what you think!