Recurring tasks with same items

We have need to manage new product creation amongst several teams (marketing, merchandising, purchasing, etc). There might be 3 one month and 50 the next. My thought was to create each new product as a group, with the hope that items and subitems can be automated upon group creation (as what needs to get done is essentially the same every time). Does anyone know if there is a way to do that?

@blight sounds like you can manage this with a template board with all the steps for the project, and a high level board to manage all of the projects, and use the “when status changes to something create a new board and notify someone” automation.

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Thanks for the help. This seems like it would work, but I would want it to work off item creation instead of status change. I think I see where there is automation to do that.

Should I understand a template board will just always have the same items to be completed? And that there is an automation that will allow the new board that gets created to use the template board?