Group of Items Automation

I am looking for an automation that would go something like this:

When a New Group of Items is created, automatically create Item and Assign to Person.

Anyone have any luck with this or is this something @Monday could create?
We would like to have certain line items created for every group of items and certain people assigned to reduce redundancy and errors.

Hi @BenH7778 - interesting use case! Would you be able to create a template group that you could keep collapsed at the bottom of your board and use it with the automation “Every time period, duplicate a group” to accomplish this?

If you aren’t creating new groups on a regular interval, you could still use this template group and manually duplicate it each time you need to create a new group. Does that sound like something that could work for you?

Hey Melissa, Thanks for the reply!
Currently that is what we are doing: Using templates and duplicating them as ended. It works okay, but was hoping to automate it just to reduce those few extra clicks.

We create groups of items almost daily but at no specific time interval, and have a different template based on project department (Graphics, writing, video, programming etc.)

Hi - I think my request is similar… or at least related.

I have 3 boards:

  • Active projects - each group of tasks is a project (I intentionally use a group per project, not subtasks, as I am waiting on further subtask development)
  • Completed projects - when a project is done, the whole group gets moved, to this completed board as a way to archive them without losing data.
  • Post-project nurture board. This has one group, and each task corresponds to a finished project, and has subtasks for all the things we do to nurture after completion.

I would like the following to occur:

When I move a group from active to complete, that also creates a single item with its own set subitems, in the “post project nurture” board. I just tried a “when new items is created in completed projects board, create another items in nurture board and link them”. This didn’t work though, and I suspect it’s because I’m not actually creating a brand new group of items, I’m simply moving from the active board? Is this correct?

If so, is there a way around this? It’d be nice for Monday to view a move as a creation.

Hi @Stacey - thanks for sharing these details on your workflow! You’re right that the moved group of items is not being read as new items created so they are not triggering the automation. I definitely see how it could be useful for teams to be able to opt for moved items to work with automations like this one.

As a potential workaround, would you be able to use one of the automations below instead? This could be based on the items’ statuses changing in your Active Projects board (or in your Completed Projects board depending on your setup) to create the new item(s) in your Post-Project Nurture board: