Automate New Group From Item


I have a high level board where each project is an item. I want those items to automate the creation of new groups with the same project name in various work spaces.

Does anyone know if this can be accomplished?

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Hi @kolaai, I saw you responded to a similar topic and was hoping you could give me some input. I’m trying create two automations related to groups.

  1. When a new item is created in board A, new group of the same name is created in boards B, C, D, and E.

  2. When a new item in board B group #1 is created, create a new item in board C, D, and E’s group #1. I currently have the item creating an item in the other boards, but I don’t know how to control what group they go to.

Can you help with this? Thanks

Hello @JacksonBarry,

Yes, I remember answering a similar question sometime back using the Duplicates and Uniques app but the functionality to have the group name to be the same as the created item is not available for the moment, though we are looking at bringing it back in the near future.
You can have the app create a new item with the same name as it’s origin but not the group name.
Here is a demo I did sometime back that is similar to what you are requesting for.

For your second question, if you already have the items being created in other boards, you can use an automation depending on a status label to control what group they go to. Another solution is to use the same app (Duplicates and Uniques) which will give you the opportunity to select which group exactly you would like the items to be created in.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: