Automatically Create Item when New Group is Created

Hey all!

Does anyone know if there is a way to create an automation that will automatically create a new item whenever a new group is added to a board?

Hi @kandice! Welcome to the monday community :slight_smile:

Can you share more context around your use case/workflow? While there is no automation to create a new item when you add a new group to a board, I wonder if we can find a workaround or get you somewhat close to what you need.


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Hi Aron - I have the same challenge - I want to create a list of items when a new group is created. It’s a list of tasks that need to be actioned in order to deliver a webinar. We’ll be doing so many I don’t want to have to manually add the standard list of tasks. Is this possible? Thanks

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Hi Aron and Gemma,

Yes! What Gemma is describing is exactly what we’d like to do. I’d definitely be interested in a work-around.

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@GemmaWarren @kandice

Hi! Thanks for describing what you’re looking to achieve. I’m afraid we do not have a way to auto-populate a list of items when a new group is created.

What if you have a group on the board that is used as your standard list of tasks and then duplicate that group (either manually or via an automation) rather than create a new group from scratch? You could keep this “template” group collapsed at the top or bottom of the board or create a view where you see all groups and do not see the template group and work off of that view.


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Thanks @AronK this is an alternative workaround, thank you!

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@GemmaWarren not sure if you’ve implemented this yet; however, careful with this if you are using dependencies. They may continue to link back to the original subset of items.