Automated create group to create item workflow

Hi, as it seems enclosed is not possible. Is there a workaround somehow?

When a new GROUP ( item group ) gets created in BOARD #1, I need to create a new ITEM at BOARD#2 in a GROUP which represents BOARD#1 at BOARD#2.

So I want to create a BOARD which lists all other BOARDs as GROUPS. And in each group should list all GROUPS of this BOARD as ITEMS. And I want to automatize that as I found out, that people forget to update the high level board once they have created a new ITEM or GROUP

Hey @Geserit, thanks for posting with this question!

Can you let me know what you are looking to achieve concretely with this automation? I ask because the automation you mentioned isn’t possible, so I’d love to see if I can offer any workarounds.

If the issue is that people are forgetting to update the high level board, what would you think about notifying them with a reminder to do this? You could use the following automation:


Alternatively, having mirror columns in the high level board could automatically reflect certain information from the items in the low level boards, without people having to update in two places:
The Mirror Column.