When item created in group, create group in a different board

Hey guys,

I’ve looked all around and couldn’t find an official answer that I could rely on.

I want to know if an Automation that I really need is possible:

When ITEM CREATED in a GROUP in Board, CREATE a GROUP in another BOARD (preferably the new group would be named the same as the item)

This Automation is a deal breaker to me and I really need a solution.

thanks ahead.

Hi @bentmperez - while this isnt possible directly, you could use some workaround automations to make it work.

In the board where you want to create the group, add a new status column called “Create Group” with two options YES or NO (default).

Then use the automation:
WHen ITEM created in a GROUP create an Item in a Board and set the “Create Group” to YES.

Then on the destination board:
When ITEM created AND ONLY if “Create Group” is YES, Create a Group THEN
Delete the item

The only thing you cannot control is the group name.

Hope this helps!

wow thanks so much @mark.anley ! i’ll give it a try

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Great @bentmperez - let me know if you need anything else. Happy to help.