Automation of "if item is created in group X, do Y"

Is there a way to automate something based on the creation of an item in a specific group?
I can see there’s one for “item moved to a group” but I’m not sure if it will be triggered in the case of initial creation within a group.

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@nadavbe Welcome to the Monday community!

Yes you can use this automation to trigger a status change and the build another automation based off of that trigger:

There is also one other “this group” automation that sends an update, so if that’s your plan you can use that and skip a step.

Hope this helps!

What I’m really trying to achieve is “when an item is created in this group, create an item in another board and connect them…”

Is that possible?

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Yes, it will just require two automations:

  1. When an item is created in this group set its status to something.

  2. When status changes to something create an item in another board and connect them using a connected boards column in this board.

Create a new status column to be changed in Automation 1, and then set the two automations above. Now when items are created in your specified group, the status should change triggering the second automation and then creating the item in the other board + connecting them.

Let me know if you need more info!

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