Problem automatic create itens on other groups


I’m trying to create an automation to create a new item in a group, like this:

Status change → create/duplicate this item to group “GroupName” at same board.

I find 2 ways to do this but i had problems with both:

Duplicate: Status change → duplicate item → move item to GROUP.
In this method the duplicate item stays in the group and the original is moved, when I wanted the opposite.

Create Item: Status change → create item.
In this method the problem is that I have not found a method to pass the information from the original item to the new one created.

My doubt would be:
In the duplicate would it be possible to move the duplicated item instead of the original or in the item creation pass the original data to the new item?

Thanks you and have a nice day

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Hey there!

If you’re trying to have the item duplicate and move in the same automation recipe, it will always send the duplicate to the group. However, you could split the automation recipe into “when status changes, duplicate item”, and then another automation with a different trigger that you can set off on the duplicate item to move the duplicate to the group.

However, I’d love to know why you are wanting to avoid moving the original item so I can see if there’s a different solution here :blush: