Automation Duplicate Item into a group

Hi my first topic!

Automation Duplicate Item into a group with subitems on the same board or different board

This request should be useful for many users.

And affect the possibility to duplicate an item as an action in Custom Recipes. Now there is a Duplicate Group and Create New Item as actions.

If you find this functionality useful, please vote!


We are starting up a new recruiting company with the speciality of collaborating with customers and collaborating between customers.

I wish to create a smart one time collaborating order and project shared board with an invited customer. Where they can order new services on demand. Every collaborating customer has a customized order and project shared board to the customer’s needs.

So the first Group (Order your new Service) is a list of items where they choose a new service as recruiting, advertising or something else they want help with, customized to the customer’s needs.

Those items are meant to be item templates with subitems of the service.

A kind of a very simple “webbshop” on the top of the board.

In the Status Column I have a Status button “Order” that they can click on.

What I would like to happen is to get a complete duplicate of the item with subitems and updates to the next Group “New Orders” as an indication for us that the Customer has ordered an item. And we can effectuate the item through the rest of the milestones of the recruiting or delivery and to finally archive the Item when the tasks are completed.

In the Custom Recipes I can Copy a Group or Create a new Item into a Group, witch is the one I have to use now.

But then I have to copy and edit the description, subitems etc at the new Item that is created by the automation… so not really a time saver.

Of Course I can instruct my customer (guest) to duplicate the item from the item menu, but that is not the same ease of use or self explanatory.

Looking forward to your response Monday! And if anyone else can see the possibility of duplicate items as an action in Custom Recipes please make a vote.

Monday I have this board as a template on a different account if you would like to see the use of the board.

Best of regards all


Absolutely agree. Automated item duplication should have been there from day one, but alas, it’s not.

@iszabo @monday-team AGREED.