When an item group is created, create the item group in another board

I need an automation where I can create a new item group in one board and it will duplicate/ create a new item group in another board. No need for a link column. Is it possible?

This will allow me to save the step of creating the new item group manually across various boards.

Thanks for consideration.


there currently isn’t functionality within monday.com for this, however it is something my team at JT’s Cloud would be able to build for you.

If you want to send an email to me at renae@jtscloud.com we can discuss further.

Hi, I would need this automation as well.

When a new GROUP ( item group ) gets created in BOARD #1, I need to create a new ITEM at BOARD#2 in a GROUP which represents BOARD#1 at BOARD#2.

So I want to create a BOARD which lists all other BOARDs as GROUPS. And in each group should list all GROUPS of this BOARD as ITEMS. And I want to automatize that as I found out, that people forget to update the high level board once they have created a new ITEM or GROUP.

Hi, @Renae-JTsCloud - Was this automation ever built? We have a client who could use this, and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if you’ve already created a solution. :slight_smile: