How to create a new Group, when an Item is created in "this specific" Group - on the same board

Hello, new to the Community and so far have found a world of great information here, I’ve been using for about a month now and am reasonable with it, but seem to be struggling with an automation that will create a new Group, when an Item is created in “This” Group - all on the same board.

I am currently using - when a new item is created set status to… and pairing it with, when status is changed to “X”, create Group - which gets me what I want, but with the limitation of every time any item is created in any group, it triggers the automation, I only want it to occur in the “Top Group” or “Group that I designate”, can that be done?

EG: I have an intake form that creates an item in a group that when the status is changed to “Approved”, it moves that item to an “Active” group and creates subsequent items in a “NEW PROJECTS” group on subsequent boards.

From there I use the when item is created automation to assign a status of “NEEDS ASSIGNED” which triggers the automation when status changes to “NEEDS ASSIGNED” create group. - Which as I said does work, but isn’t limited to only the “Top Group” which means every time anyone creates any item, anywhere on the board… I get a new group with that items name… can I limit that automation to only the “Top Group” or “Group of my choice”?

Many thanks in advance!!

Hello again, was able to solve my own issue with a custom automation, I built an automation that when an item is created in “X” group the status us set to “Needs Assigned” I was then able to use the automation that when status changes to “Needs Assigned” create group :+1:

Not sure why that had me mental blocked for as long as it did :wink:

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Happy to hear you got this sorted! Nice work :slight_smile: