Automation option "in this group" not available

I need to create an automation for a specific group. In the suggested automations it will suggest several automations for “in this group”

this option is not coming up in custom automation. Is there a glitch? what i need to do -

When an item is created “in this group” create a new group with group title the same as the item name"

“in this group” “this group” is not available.

hi @dfurt

By design all automations operate on ALL items in the board (regardless of group). I know there are a few monday standard automations that will operate on group level, but you can’t do that with the custom automation builder (yet?).

Thats lame. Group specific automation is crucial. This is forcing me to create more boards than I need and i am losing my view of the business

hI @basdebruin I have the same problem, I would like to create an automatization that depending on the group the item is located is going to trigger a certain action. Like if “status is ready and group is something move item to group or board…”.
Also when I move an item to a certain group board and there is an automatization in the board the item was moved like “when an item is moved to group change status to…” the automatization does not work, because the automatization set before was to move the the board. Could we suggest this automatizations?

@RocioLandivar Have you seen the available group specific automations that monday created? Theres several. Just not available in custom yet. Look at the pre made recipes that are group specific and see if yours is there. Hopefully custom group automations will come soon though

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yeah, but none of them associates an action “when a status change in a specific group move item to…” could I suggest to create that template?