When using the "Create an Item" automation, how can I specify the group?

I am using an automation that is triggered when Status on Board 1 changes, and the automation creates a new item on Board 2. More specifically, I’m using the “create an item and connect” automation.

I cannot figure out how to specify which group the new item will be created in within Board 2, and searching this forum hasn’t turned anything up. If I can’t specify the group, I’d like to understand where new items will be created by default, so that I can at least set up a notification to check that group and move the items to the appropriate group.

Right now, the automation seems to be defaulting to adding new items to the “top” group. However, I tried creating a new group at the top so that new items would go in there, and I could use it as a holding pen. The automation keeps sending items to the first group it picked. Any help would be much appreciated!

In the automation, it is the first field when you configure the item:

That is a field for configuring moving items but does not appear to exist for the automations for creating items.

Create item and connect has the same options:

Perfect, thank you!