How to: Create group from Item {name} and place Item in this new group?

I would like to create an automation that creates a new group with the name of an item and move the item to the newly created group. All in the same board. Just in one button click. No further user input.

Item name = ABCD
Click button then:
Create new group with name = ABCD
Item ‘ABCD’ is moved to Group ‘ABCD’

How do I realize this?

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Hi @loovanloon!

I am afraid the following recipe is not supported at this time - “when button clicked, create group and move item to group”.

Based on the functionality we currently support, you could utilise the native recipe below and map the item name as the group name:

That being said, once that group is created, you’d then need to set up an additional (/seperate) recipe to have the item move to the relevant group as it isn’t possible to build the recipe all in one and have the item move to the group when it is being created at the same time - if this makes sense? You would need to create a recipe to have the item move to the group, after the group has been created - it can’t happen simultaneously I am afraid (at this point!).