How to: Create group from Item {name} and place Item in this new group?

I would like to create an automation that creates a new group with the name of an item and move the item to the newly created group. All in the same board. Just in one button click. No further user input.

Item name = ABCD
Click button then:
Create new group with name = ABCD
Item ‘ABCD’ is moved to Group ‘ABCD’

How do I realize this?

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Hi @loovanloon!

I am afraid the following recipe is not supported at this time - “when button clicked, create group and move item to group”.

Based on the functionality we currently support, you could utilise the native recipe below and map the item name as the group name:

That being said, once that group is created, you’d then need to set up an additional (/seperate) recipe to have the item move to the relevant group as it isn’t possible to build the recipe all in one and have the item move to the group when it is being created at the same time - if this makes sense? You would need to create a recipe to have the item move to the group, after the group has been created - it can’t happen simultaneously I am afraid (at this point!).

Hi @BiancaT - what you show on your screen is EXACTLY what I am trying to do, but I am not given the option to Auto-Populate fields from board items. Is this a setting I need to change somewhere, or an additional app I need to installed?

Hey Sarah! Not sure why Bianca never responded so I just created a community account just to answer your question lol.

To get the dialog B describes you have to go to Automations and use a search term similar to “create group”. You will then get a number of pre-created formulas put together by the Monday team, one of which is the one Bianca used. In this version additional options are provided vs. what is available if you just use the normal ‘create custom automation’ mechanism; specifically you will get access to the field tags she notes. I have no idea why this inconsistency exists but there you are haha.

Hope this helps!


Many thanks John! i just created this account to appreciate your effort as you have solved this annoying issue for us.

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My sincerest apologies - admittedly, it seems I completely missed the reply on this thread… thank you very much @hawki002 for stepping in with both a response and solution here!!!

I am glad to hear this has helped you @Ab1223! @sarah.guidry - please let me know how you’re going with this? I’ve flagged this thread, so I won’t miss it! :pray: :pray:

So then how would I move the item to that group? When I move item to groups, it seems like I need to select the group that I want the item to move to, but if it’s only being created via automation, I can’t select the group in an automation.

Hey Soroh,

Yes, I am afraid this is a limitation at the moment. Whilst you can create an automation to create a group based on an item name, it isn’t currently possible to extend the recipe to then move the specific item to the group. You will need to create a seperate recipe to move the item to the group, once that group has been created. I’ve shared this feedback with our team internally. I encourage you to submit this as feature request so our community can up-vote the request to get this on our product teams radar!

Hi there - I am having the same issue with only the basic functions available of “Create a Group” as shown in Sarah’s screenshot - no option to link group name to {item name} as per your screenshot. Can you please explain how to show those options?

Hey Laura, this recipe is a pre-made template and not currently available in our custom automations:

If this isn’t available to you, please confirm and I will reach out to our tech team!