Looking for automation: when status changes, create new group with item name

I see the recipe for making a new group when the status changes but unfortunately, don’t see how to have the item name become the new group name.

If you need more context: When I come back from a meeting, I want to input my to-dos in a list. Then I want to be able to go through the list and indicate whether the item is a multi step project (in which case it gets its own group) or a standalone project (in which case it goes to a different board). I have everything figured out except for the name of the new group for the multi-step project. I would like the item name to carry over to the new group. Is this possible?

Hey @Tarmar,

Would this recipe from the automations centre work for you? This way the group will be named after the specific item:

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Hi Tam
Just click the Item Name, in the group part of the automation
This will add the item name to the newly created group

Many thanks dan

I no longer see “auto populate fields from board items” as an option in the current automation board.
How can I use the “item name” field otherwise?

Hm, can you please clarify which automation recipe you’re referring to here? Please feel free to send over a screenshot!