Take an item from one board and create a group with it in another board

I am trying to create a new group in a resource allocation board based on an item (ie project title) in another board.
The flow is: Item created in BOARD ONE (Project A)
Item moved to Group2 in BOARD ONE via a status change (Project A is greenlit)
When it goes into Goup2 an automation makes a new item in BOARD TWO and connects the boards
BOARD TWO now has Project A as an item in a top level group.

How do I then make Project A the title of a new group in BOARD TWO using an automation?

Thank you,

Hey @colleen928,

In order to get this working and sync the group name with the item name, I think you will need to set up a status column so that you can utilise this specific recipe in Board 2:

Screen Shot 2023-06-26 at 2.48.58 pm

I mention this as it will allow you to map the item name to the group name.

To have this all happen automatically, you can set up an additional recipe to change the status when that new item is created in Board 2:

Is this something that could work for you?

Thank you Bianca,
I will give it a go!

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Of course! Circle back here if you run into any issues!