When an item group is created, create a item in another board

I have a Board of projects, inside the board are numerous Groups (Projects). The Groups contain items (tasks) and subitems (documents).

When a new Item Group (Project) is created from a template, I need an recipe that will create a Item in another board, the only thing it needs to bring over is the ‘Name’ of the group. This seems complicated because it seems there are not recipes for Group creation.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Will,

There’s no way to do this natively in monday.com automation.

I think you’re encountering a common issue with templates, but I like your decision to use groups to store those. Probably your best bet is to use some external tool like make.com and consider changing your workflow to:

  1. Create project item.
  2. Select template.
  3. Generate group (and connect items).

This is typically how I work and build solutions. It’s the most effective way I’ve found.

Please feel free to reach out if you need some help with monday or make.

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