Create a new board from template and add an item to it

We are looking to implement a project portfolio and management system at our institution and I’m evaluating if Monday can meet our needs.

I have a small issue that might just be down to me having the wrong approach to the platform but I’ve searched all over but I can’t find an answer weather or not this is possible.

The scenario is this:
I have a board (Board A) that receives an item from a form. After a new item is received in Board A, I would like to trigger an automation from a status-column update on that item, to create a new board from a template, name the new board to the item name and also add this item to the newly created board.

The problem I run into is that since the new board gets its name from the item, it is not available to choose that board in any recipes as it is not created at the time of setting up the recipe.

I would like to have a recipe that performs the following process:
When status ‘Blaha’ is updated to ‘Something’, create a new board from template and name the new board to ‘item name’ and then add item to newly created board.

I have understood that this would probably be possible using Integromat, which sadly isn’t an option for us due to GDPR so it would have to be done without any third parties and webhooks.

Is this possible to do using the built in recipes or are our needs too dynamic for the platform?

Thankful for any input!