Auto create board from templates if Hubspot item status changes

Hi guys,

I was playing with a trigger with Zapier to create a board when a deal status changes to something in Hubspot.

I’ve managed to create the workflow, however, I want the board to be created from a template in my workspace; so far it only creates a new board with no fields.

Anyone out there that has been able to find a way around this? Doesn’t have to be with Hubspot or Zapier…


Hi Alex,

You could use automations to create a board from template once a status changes on an item in

Let’s say you had a “Deals” board. Well you could update the “Status” column on that to “Deal won” via Zapier. Then you could use that as the trigger for something like this in

If you have other more complex requirements about how to populate that board or connect it, for example, it might be advantageous to move to Make. Make is a lot like Zapier, but it has more advanced features and logic. It works more like code (although it’s still technically nocode).

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