Create a board from template when item created (form submitted)

Is it possible to have a specified board duplicated when a new item is created?

We have a form for a board that is filled out by our Sales staff when a new customer signs a contract with us. This creates an item on the board, but I would really like it to duplicate an Implementation board for that customer to kick off an implementation (lots of tasks).

Hi @athomasson! Welcome to the monday Community!!
You should be able to create a new (templated) board based off your form submission. It will just take a few initial steps to set up.

First you will want to make your Implementation Board into a template (note that only main board types can be made a template). To do that you will need to click on the three dots in the top right corner of the board and go to “…more options” and select “Save as a template”

Once you have your template board, go back to the board where you have your form set up. On this board you will want to add the automation that creates a new board based off a status change (make sure you have a status column on the board to trigger this action):

When you fill out the new board portion of the recipe there is an option to select that the new board is created from a template - select your Implementation board.

Lastly, if you want this new board to populate every time a new item is added no matter what, you can set an item default value on the board, to default any new item’s status to be marked as your trigger status in new board automation recipe.

Now every time someone fills out a form, when the new item is created. The specific status column will default to your trigger status, which in result will create a board based off of your Implementation board!

Hope that helps!

Great! Thank you so much!

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